Our Story..

We came, we saw, and we conquered

.. and it all began when founder Griffin met his wife, Sarah, a Texas native and foodie of Mexican cuisine. They shared an obsession with authentic Mexican cuisine since meeting over their first bowl of chips and salsa.

With Sarah's Mexican-American roots and Griffin's green thumb with years of gardening and cooking experience, they went out to solve their issue of finding great salsas and hot sauces off the shelf.

A bumper crop of peppers and tomatoes led to the first batch of what would become Imperio’s authentic line of salsa and snacks. Family and friends were the first customers and the popularity soon spread like wildfire!

And so the Imperio brand was born. Inspired by the veritable sabor of fine Mexican cuisine, one small batch at a time. 

We use only the finest ingredients available combined with a traditional recipe for the perfect taste.

Hand-crafted ingredients and quality at every step.